Tornado Multi Compartment Commodity Trailers

Have you heard about the concept of the  Tornado?

The Tornado is a masterpiece of innovation designed primarily as a solution for on-farm bulk logistics, for farmers who work the vast agricultural regions of Australia. Since it's inception in 2005 there have been many progressive farmers across Australia who have 'made the break' from traditional methods of handling bulk seed and fertiliser, and invested in a Tornado.

The feedback to us here at Duraquip is extensive. One thread that runs very strong in the message back is that these trailers give their owners a massive efficiency boost in farm seeding and harvest operations. Why? Size, reliability, safety, efficiency, quality and user-friendliness. Farmers who own a Tornado now find their task of 'backing up' large modern seeding machines (moving products from storage to field), and carting grain at harvest, a much easier process.

So how can the  Tornado benefit me?

The Tornado allows you as an operator to work further afield from your storage bases or even 'de-commission' small, inefficient bases in exchange for one centralised storage complex on-farm to ease the challenges you are faced with co-ordinating bulk logistics in a modern day farming operation. Once seeding is over the Tornado is still ready and setup to work just as efficiently for the rest of the year hauling your produce from farm to the marketplace or vice-versa year-in year-out!

Make the move today! Purchasing a Tornado is not an expense but rather an investment into long term productive efficiency improvement for your business. Phone one of our friendly sales staff today to find out just how suited a Tornado can be to your operations - farming or cartage contractors alike.